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The Joy of the Lord is My Strength

This morning I woke up dragging and tired. I found myself quickly losing my tempter and noticed my words sounding unnecessarily biting and harsh. I knew what lay ahead of me today and it felt daunting. There was simply no energy to be found.

Company was coming, laundry needed to be done, sheets had to be changed from the 2-year-old potty accident in the wee hours of the morning. Cleaning was necessary, and it all just felt like too much. Where in the world was, I supposed to find strength for this day? I didn’t want it to be another hectic day were mommy hollers too much and ends up dragging everyone into her bad mood. Just to slap smiles on our faces as we greet our guest and pretend to be a happy little family, all while knowing hurtful words have been said, and headaches are brewing. As I started breakfast, and bit my tongue for the hundredth time in the last hour, I prayed that God would give me strength. I thanked him for the day and asked him to help me be the wife and mother he wanted me to be.

Later as I began the lengthy list of chores that needed to be done, I again felt overwhelmed. I breathed a prayer asking for strength of the supernatural and the verse immediately came to mind: the joy of the Lord is my strength. I thought… ok joy… what can I be thankful for or find joy in today? I began to silently list off my blessings and the peace, calm, and yes, undeniable strength, that washed over me was amazing. I noticed my spirit lifted. I could have shouted for joy, as the day that could have ended so terrible, was immediately turned upside down by my gracious Lord.

The Lord says, call unto me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things. How often do we take him up on that promise? How often do we actually take a minute to realize just how powerful he is? We may say a hundred half hazard prayers a day, but do we really stop and think about whom it is we are praying to? The God who parted the Red Sea, who shut the mouths of lions, who raised the dead, that’s the same God we pray to for strength. And he promises an answer. When we seek him, he will be found. I have been challenged lately to really let that sink in, just exactly who it is I worship as Lord and Savior. And what I have found is breath taking.

The love of our Savior to take a moment today to remind me to find joy in the mundane, is overwhelming. I am so thankful that the God I serve has time for little old me, no matter the request, no matter how big or small, he sees me and hears me. And as I seek him, he wraps me tighter in his grasp and says I will never leave. And that thought is enough to bring me joy to last for days.

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