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Let your light shine!

When God pressed on my heart the call to fight human sex trafficking I was terrified! Terrified of everything I felt disqualified me. Terrified of failing. And equally terrified of saying no to God and missing out on exactly what I had been praying for for years, to discover why He put me on this earth and partner with Him to bring glory to Him.

For over a year now I have taken step with knees shaking. And as I have done this, the strength of the Holy Spirit has becomes more evident. I have become more acquainted with what that strength feels like in the spirit, despite the way my flesh bulks at my meager courage. Now it's become second nature. My stomach still does flips before I speak or record a podcast. I sweat terribly and my hands shake. But I take a deep breath and believe for God to show up in my weakness and everyone to see Him in that. I now know I certainly can not do anything in my own strength, but I can do all things through HIS strength. The call is simply too important for me to crawl back into my introverted shell and hide.

Standing before 50 people, 100 or 300, and feeling the Holy Spirit steadying my soul and opening my mouth without me even trying and allowing words to flow out, it makes me chuckle. I think, "oh if they only knew how shy I was as a kid. If they only could have seen me hiding away for most of my life because of fear. They never would believe the work God has done".

And it makes me wonder at the things we tell God disqualify us, the thing the enemy punches us with and holds us under saying we won't ever be good enough. The enemy does everything he can to silence us and stamp out the creative pieces of us that most reflect God's glory. Yet, it would seem it's those exact things that the enemy tried to crush out of us, that God makes into oil to light a lamp that cannot be put out. God is a master at taking every broken piece that we surrender and illuminating it for His glory.

So let your light shine! Like a city on a hill, a light that cannot be put out because it was light by your Creator for such a time as this. A light fueled by His love and His grace cannot be snuffed out by ridicule, or someone else's negative opinion or comment. It cannot go dark because you stumble or fall. The light shows you the way to get back up and stand even taller.

Again, I implore you, let your light shine before men so they can see your good works and glorify your Father. Don't hide it any longer because you fear, let the fear of disobeying your Father be the greatest fuel for your lamp that shines a path for those lost and alone to find freedom and peace in Jesus. The only one who can light up their life too. This light, not even the gates of hell can come against.

So go shine!

Love, E

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