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It's been a long PA winter. In fact, not just in PA. It seems like it's been a long winter for many of us. Not just because of numerous snow days and endless shoveling of walks and drives. But the world around us seems to have grown cold too, with sickness, fear, confusion and hate. All bringing aching to our already weary hearts.

Today, mid-February, marks a rare warm day in this winter that seems to have no end in sight. As I survey the sun reflecting off the melting snow, I'm reminded of a piece I journaled a few years ago in the middle of a long, dark and painful season of my life. I tucked it away for the right time to share. Today feels like that day. A day I want to gift hope to those of you who feel like I did. Like the light is fading out and the sun will never shine again.

I give you,


"In the middle of these frigid and endless winter days, it's easy to forget what the sweet smell of summer is. Or the kiss of the August sun on your face, warming you deep in your bones. It's tempting to believe that you may never see the sun again. It's bright rays of light shining hope over the aching places of your heart.

And then, just when you are sure you will never again feel that gentle breeze of summer or hear the sweet laughter of the carefree, God sends deliciously beautiful spring days in the middle of February. Almost like he is sending a sweet promise of what's to come.

And isn't he always good to us that way? Reminding us when we are about to lose hope that there is always a reason to keep holding onto faith. Always a reason to keep believing that the sun will shine again. That he IS good to us and won't let the storm last forever.

I find it so compassionate, and so tenderly loving, that the great creator of the universe would think on us and remember us in our dust like form. Remember that we would need some sunny days in the long stretch of winter to warm our frozen hearts and remind us that spring is coming. New life and fresh starts are waiting for us. He hasn't forgotten us. And we can trust him to keep his word for a hope and a future he has planned for us.

His promises are good and true. The nights may be long and dark. The war chilling our bones, but this I remember and I have hope, the goodness of the Lord never ceases, his mercy is new every morning, great is his faithfulness!"

As you step out of your house today, take a moment and let the sun touch your face as a warm reminder of your Savior’s loving caress. You are his beloved. And just as he is faithful in shifting the seasons from one to the next, he will not forget to continue that same masterful art work in your own life. He keeps his promises. He IS our hope.

Why are you sad oh my soul? And why are you anxious? Hope in God! For I will praise him again! My hope and my God.

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