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Shelter in the Storm

The salty wind whips the hair across her face as her hazel eyes, filled with terror, stare at the ferocious monsoon in front of her. Paralyzed by fear, she neither trembles nor is able to move from her station at the front of the ship. Another wave breaks against the bow as lighting flickers across the sky. Thunder echoes its eerie cry as it dissipates into the ominous clouds only to be answered by another crack in the vast darkness. Complete panic has gripped her heart. Above the noise, I can barely hear her whisper escape into the night, "Where are you God? It's too dark and I can't see you anymore!"

A gentle rustling to her side finally breaks her gaze. For the first time since this storm blew up from the east, she is able to take her eyes off the intimidating waters that threaten to consume her very life. She looks down and sees His arm outstretched, beckoning her to come down into the hull. With kindness and assurance in his eyes he offers his hand, with an invitation to pass the night safely nestled in his warm embrace. "Come, I will give you rest. In me you will find the peace your heart so desperately needs."

For so long she has felt all alone, defeat and fear the loudest cries in her heart. Beaten down and weary she had given up hope of ever seeing the sun again. But as she looks into the eyes of her Savior, she realizes that he has been there with her all along. Waiting for her to take her eyes off what she sees and place them back on him. He never left her side. He never abandons his beloved. It was her that allowed the voice of the wind to become louder than the sweet song of her loving Father. She takes his hand, steps off the ledge. Curling in close, she finally shuts her heavy eyes and lets out a deep sigh of relief.

The raging storm still beats the ship with even greater force, but somehow it seems quieter now. Her heart beat slows and she breathes in deep. Peace. Calm. All found in the secure embrace of her Savior. His arms shield her from the cold wet rain and as she drifts easily off to sleep. Protected by and fully trusting in the only one who can calm the storm. Even if it's not the one she sees, but the torrential downpour of doubt and fear that has gripped her heart for far too long. Peace. His peace. Over and around her. The peace that only the King of Shalom has the ability to give. And out of his peace, grows courage and hope once more.

Our hope is not found in the things we can see or touch. It's not even something we muster up in moments of pain. No, the hope we grab onto is Jesus. Anchoring our hearts to him until the storm passes. Believing he will not leave us here to drown for he finishes what he starts. Trusting that his promises hold true, in the good and the bad. And allowing his voice of calm to be the siren call to our hearts, beckoning us off the ledge and back into his strong arms. Here we sleep, here we wait, here we find endurance needed to face another day.

Jesus. Do you hear him calling? He has all you need to survive the treacherous night and find the audacity to face the daunting thought of another battle tomorrow. Only Jesus.

Oh friend, take your eyes off the storm! Let go of the death grip you have on the rails. Turn your eyes upon Jesus. He is waiting for you, with smile and warm embrace. Won't you take his hand?

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