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Son's and Daughter's of the King

“You are not fearful slaves...” The words jumped off the page and hit me square in the face.

“Fearful slaves.” I pondered these words, words I have read so many times before. All though I've known Jesus as my Lord and Savior for almost 25 years, I still often find myself struggling under the heavy bondage of sin and shame. God has declared me free and has sent in a rescue party after my heart to deliver the message. And yet I still cower in the corner like a victim of Stockholm Syndrome, unable to move. Or maybe a little unwilling to believe? Or maybe it's a little bit of both, a lack of understanding of who God is that would enable me to see past my seemingly brokenness in order to grasp hold of the magnificent love He has promised to me.

So often when I picture my days in eternity, I can't help but imagine a long line of people waiting for their time with God, for a chance to sit at His feet. The line seems to be endless. I crane my neck to see how much longer I have to wait for my turn. I watch as the saints who have gone before rush unashamed into the Father's arms. Curling up so comfortably in His lap, they talk and laugh with a mutual love I have only seen in my dreams. My shoulders slump as I long for a moment in time when I feel worthy of that type of intimacy with my Father. I try to hold back the tears as I turn away. I already know it won't happen. There are so many in line before me. He doesn't have time for my mess. I am sure He would never want me. And even if I did make it to the front of the line, passed all the more beautiful and qualified, I am convinced it would be nearly closing time and I would be shown quickly to the door, and asked to come again tomorrow.

This may be a silly image to think of. After all, we know God is omnipresent and there will be no lines in heaven. But sometimes my human mind and heart have a hard time grasping it, especially when here on earth I see only lines, glass ceilings, and “not good enough” stamped on my proverbial resume. But as I read these words again, "not fearful slaves," I feel God's call to my heart to remember His love, like His presence, is all encompassing too.

Unlike the poor excuse for love we experience here on earth, tainted by sin and stings of personal gain, God's love is enough that He gave His Son to secure a permanent title for you and me as coheirs to the throne. Many of us know this concept in our heads; we have heard it far too many times before; but how often we strive so hard to actually grasp it in our hearts on a level that would radically change how we face this life on earth.

Coheirs of the Kingdom. That is YOUR title. That is YOUR name. Beloved and treasured. Favored one. Perfect under the blood, even while you are still being perfected. And, unlike the labels and achievements we get here that can be taken away as quickly as the fading evening sun, this is a title no one can strip away. Romans 8 states this clearly. NOTHING in all creation can separate us from God's love, not even our enemy the Devil.

This means there is no waiting in line for time with our Father. There is no need to wash up before we enter the Throne Room. There is no need for hiding or shame. No amount of striving for perfection will gain us a seat. Instead, we can boldly march in, crying for His mercy and grace and willingly handing Him every one of our mistakes, fears, failures, and faults. Having these thing in His hands is the only way He can fix and redeem them for our good and His glory.

What makes us fearful slaves? Fear is a liar; this we know. So, if there is fear, we can almost guarantee there is a lie of the evil one trying to manifest itself in our lives in an attempt to keep us from intimacy with our Heavenly Daddy. Identify it and then fight it with truth. Our Father loved us so immensely He gave us His Word jam packed with truth to knock out the evil one with a single blow. Already securing us victory in His name, He then holds out His hand and invites us to the place of honor at the King's table. Here there is no need for comparison or competition trying to earn the best spot. With Him and through Him all are worthy, not because of anything we do, but because of His Son, and His love.

We are not fearful slaves, but sons and daughters of the King who are declared worthy to cry out in boldness, “Abba, Father, I need You.” He answers every call, on time, for His good pleasure, working all things out for our good.

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