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The Devil's Handbook

We all have a story, don't we? Pages written lovingly, filled with memories of joy and laughter. And along side these, chapters we keep buried so deep, praying no one ever reads. Places we have been, things we have seen, that seem to have forever shaped us and set us on the path we now walk.

At some point in our journey, we each find ourselves at the cross roads of healing what’s hurting us, or believing we are beyond repair. Too often we feel so hopeless and defeated by life’s circumstances, we buy the lie that what’s done is done and we might as well settle for the best we can have, even if that is chained to addiction, depression and defeat.

But today I want to give you a peek inside a chapter from the master of deceits handbook. It's one the devil doesn't want you to ever view. Because he knows once you know the truth, you will be set free from all that entangles you.

See, while our stories may be different, the tactics the evil one uses against us are always the same. He starts with a lie. He misuses and manipulates truth wrapping it in guilt and shame, often over circumstances out of our control. This fear and failure we were never meant to carry, propels us to people pleasing and perfectionism. Never able to reach this unattainable goal, we fall into the darkness of defeat. All while gravely misunderstanding God's grace, believing we are not worthy of love by God or others. This helpless place of depression and despair, leads us to a point where we question God's goodness and abilities.

Here, Satan has got us in his cross hairs, the trap has been set. And his goal? To get us to a point where we are so draped in heaviness, we cannot be all God created us to be. And if the enemy has his way, he will ultimately get us to the point where we walk away from the faith completely, rejecting the only one who can heal all that has broken us.

It seems too easy doesn't it? and yet we buy it every time, hook line and sinker. This pure evil is the heart of the one working so hard against you! Every day fighting to take your life! Throwing every fiery dart of doubt and manipulation at you to keep you from being adequately used by God. And for many of us, he is winning.

What we often don't see is that we already have our walking papers. We have been set free by Jesus blood. Yet we are so blinded by these lies that have defined us for so long, and so weighed down by sin, we sit on the sidelines disqualifying ourselves from the life God planned for us.

When we came to know Jesus, we died a spiritual death with Christ and rose again in victory with him. In doing so you were set free from the spiritual powers of this world, just as Christ was when he rose on the third day. We have been liberated from the devil's attacks and schemes. Yet we stay were its safe and familiar, rather than walk in the freedom that was won for us on the cross. Freedom that says we are a chosen treasure, holy, righteous and redeem. Set apart for God's purpose. Forever loved by an Almighty King. And NOTHING can take this love away.

Perhaps you are here for such a time as this? A time and place where you are being called to take a stand against this story line that has been playing out in every individuals life since the beginning of the fall. This is your time to break generational curses and begin to write a new chapter. A time, not to shrink away in shame, but to stand tall in the armor of God and rebuke the enemy and all his evil using the powerful, earth shattering name of Jesus. And at HIS name, every knee will bow, even the devils. His power over you has been defeated. The curse has been broken. The blood of Jesus covers you and declares you free! FREE!

Do not lose heart at the mountains you face and at the darkness that seems to surround your days. That is exactly what the evil one would have you do! No, instead, stand and fight! Run the race with endurance! Pursue Jesus until your dying breath and walk free in who he says you are! His beloved!

For she who has been set free, will be free indeed!

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