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Dear Mama Devotional

Dear Mama Devotional

The Dear Mama Devotional is for any weary Mama looking for a little bit of hope and encouragement. Enjoy these 5 minute devotionals from my heart to yours. Let's walk this journey of motherhood together. - Love, E


About Book:

Dear Mama is for any mother fighting her way through the sleepless nights, the long days of tantrums, and for the one feeling daunted by what each new chapter of motherhood will bring. It was written in a season of complete brokenness in my mom journey. It came at a time when writing the realities of motherhood no one speaks of, became a necessity to my survival. I don't know that I have ever felt so alone in my life while surrounded by dishes, laundry and two screaming kids. Why had no one told me it would be this hard? However, it has been at these low points I have found the grace of God so tangible. He met me right where I was, crying in the kitchen or singing in the shower. These are the stories you will find locked in this book. My desire is that as you read each of these “open letters”, you will not only hear my heart for you, but God's heart. My prayer is that you leave each day's reading with a little more hope and a clearer perspective of the reality that you are not as alone as you think you are. As you open these pages, I trust that you feel my hand extended to you offering to walk the road together because we were never meant to walk alone. This devotional is from my weary mama heart to yours. - Love, E

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