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Featured Podcast Interviews

I love the art of story telling and have been honored to be featured on several podcasts. I hope as time allows, you can listen to each of these amazing artists and their hearts for the women around them. I pray our time together blesses and encourages you right where you are. Pull up a chair, a cozy blanket, and your favorite warm beverage and let's chat! Tune in below. 


Devoted Dreamers Podcast

What if the disappointment you're facing today is just the turning point before the REVELATION God has for you tomorrow, next week, next month or next year?

We have no idea how He's going to use something we thought was a crash and burn, something we were ready to ditch because "it's not turning out the way I thought it would."

That is Emily Karc's story and she's joining me on the podcast today to share it all, including her long-held dream to be a writer and speaker and how she felt God pressing on her to set that down last fall when her first book was almost finished.

Check out episode 266 for all the juicy details of what He's put on her heart since then, but suffice to say, this interview would have been entirely different had we done it in September 2022!

A BIG Devoted Dreamers thank you to Emily Karc for sharing her early journey with us, including the parts that are scary to say out loud! May it bring hope, encouragement and eye-opening to all who hear her story!

 Treehouse Storyteller Podcast

Stop scrolling and head on over to anywhere you listen to Treehouse Storyteller Podcast and listen to this life giving episode! Episode #4 with featured guest Emily Karc.

Important Values discussed:
◦ What we ingest matters, etc. shows we let our kids watch. 
◦ Our words matter. They are either bringing death or life.
◦ Do not compare yourself. God created you uniquely.
◦ Have ‘abnormal faith’, looking at the world’s culture as the odd way to live.
◦ We can’t expect our kids to be world changers if we aren’t going to be
◦ If you are not rooted in truth, then your kids will not be rooted in truth!


Your Temple Care

Emily is back on the podcast! One of my dear friends joins us today as we talk all things motherhood. Emily recently wrote the book "Dear Mama" where she shares her heart in effectively breaking the bondage of guilt and shame over our role as moms and helping us walk in the light of God's love. We talk about all things mom guilt, postpartum depression and anxiety, and what it means to walk forward and parent in God's grace. Don't miss this life-giving episode!

Our Story His Glory Podcast

On today's episode, Emily shares her testimony. Once covered in shame by trading sex for love, how does she overcome and realize her true identity? Tune in to this incredible story of God's redemptive grace. - My name was adulterous, now it's Beloved. 

The Conscious Cup

In this episode of The Conscious Cup, host Simone Ispahani sits down with myself - the founder of Learning to Live Beloved Ministries, a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering survivors of human trafficking and exploitation. I have the honor of sharing my inspiring journey, revealing how a chance encounter with a survivor led to me stepping out of my comfort zone and embarking on a mission to provide hope, healing, and restoration to women in need. Join us as we delve into the heart of human trafficking awareness, the challenges faced, and the transformative power of faith and community support.

His Heartbeat

Sue Corl is the founder of Crown of Beauty International. She is a true pioneer of teaching women to own their worth and belovedness in Jesus.  On the podcast I had the privilege of sharing about the early stages of Learning to Live Beloved Ministries, as well as parts of my personal story for why I started the ministry. So much has changed since the original recording. It is amazing to see all God has taught me and how He has guided and shaped the vision of Learning to Live Beloved Ministries into something spectacular. 

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