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Listen to the LORD who created you, "Do not be afraid, I have ransomed you. I have called you by name; you are mine." Isaiah 43:1

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Hello there. I am so glad you are here!

As a 30 something year old wife and mother, I have often felt like the failures of my days would consume me. Despite accepting the Lord as my Savior when I was 5, misguided by the lies of the enemy, I have made far more mistakes than I would like to remember. For many years I believed that shame and regret would be the two things that defined me.

From childhood depression to my wild teen years, to struggles in motherhood like PPD and incredible amounts of mom guilt, to fighting to save my marriage when my infidelity left it crumbling, I have had my fair share of shameful and regretful moments. Yet, the one thing that has remained constant was the gentle voice of my Heavenly Father calling me home. Calling me back to His heart. Calling me Beloved. 

It has been a long, painful and lonely journey trying to discover my worth in Christ and not the labels the world gave me based on my good or bad performances. But it is because of the struggles and the hope I now have, that I long to come along side you, extend a hand and let you know, it will be ok!

I know that may seem impossible right now, but if I survived the lies of the enemy because of the sins I had done and the sins committed against me, I know for a fact you can survive too. And I am here to walk the road of healing with you. No matter how long it takes. 

Will you join me? Let's learn together. Let's learn to live beloved. 

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Dear Beloved Devotional

Owning your belovedness is not just about accepting yourself as you are. It’s about understanding that you are worthy and loved by God no matter your achievements or lack their of. My 30-day devotional, Dear Beloved, is a journey of discovery that will help you see yourself through a different lens, the lens of God's grace and unconditional love for you. Each day you will receive a new reflection that will help you grow in assurance you are treasured by your Creator. Join me in this journey and let’s discover the beauty of the name God gifts each of us - Beloved.


Wednesday Wisdom

Linked below you will find weekly messages of encouragement from Emily. In her videos she invites the listener to find hope in their present circumstances as she vulnerably shares her heart through her own real life experiances, all while drawing on truth from the word of God.

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God is in the Details
Sitting at Jesus Feet - Finding Peace in His Presence
Emily Karc

Sitting at Jesus Feet - Finding Peace in His Presence

Sometimes the peace and healing we are desperately seeking is not found in our circumstances changing, in the apology we hoped for, in the affirmation we crave or in the lack of anything going wrong in our lives. What I am finding is that peace and healing can only happen in the sweetness of surrender to a God who holds all the pieces and is not rushed or hurried by our fears and perceptions of what good and beautiful should look like. No, He is not worried. He isn't troubled. And He hasn't forgotten you here in the midst of your real life heartbreak. When we can believe that He is still in control and still cares deeply for us despite the pain we are experiencing this side of eternity, then hope can come rushing back in. Because our hope is not in the things we want fixed, but it's in the one who we know has the capabilities to fix them in His good time and in ways we could never do on our own. I have never found the tenderness of God so close and so real until I have been willing to slip off my running shows, deny the desire to continue in the frantic pursuit of tidying up my life in my time and way, and instead sitting down at my Saviors feet and trusting He will work all things together for my good and I don't have to do a thing to make that happen. He only asks me to rest in His presence and let Him be God - completely in control and full of love for me. Sit in His love today friends, if only for a moment. He is there waiting and He won't give up on you or your story. He doesn't stop until it's good. Love, E
Warrior Wednesday - Dirty for Jesus
Emily Karc

Warrior Wednesday - Dirty for Jesus

Being tired doesn't mean we quit. Being tired means we are human. We get tired so we press into Jesus to supply supernatural strength. Being afraid doesn't mean we walk away. It means we ask Jesus to be our courage when we FEEL afraid. Because being afraid doesn't mean we ARE afraid. Being afraid means we are humans who need Jesus to fill us with His Holy Spirit so He gets the glory. Feeling the weight of responsibility or feeling the brokenness of the world does not mean it's time to run to a vacation, a quick fix, or we have taken on too much. It means our hearts are breaking for what breaks Gods. It means we are onto something good! It means now God can show up and work. We must keep an other world way of thinking. For if we say, it's too hard, I'm too tired, it's too scary, it hurts too much... Well good! It should! Because if not, what moves you? What is faith without these? We don't need Jesus without our lack. We don't see His glory absent from the impossible. He is the miracle in every mess. So yes, we will get tired, our bodies will ache, our hearts will break, but this is why we never give up, because our spirit is being renewed every day by His Spirit and this light and momentary affliction means nothing in light of eternity and the souls saved for it. Jesus came to seek and save those who were lost. To give His life up for us. Won't we be willing to offer the same in His name? Offer everything until our hands bleed? When I get to heaven I want my body covered in blood and earthly scars, my knees worn from the dirt, I want my hands to be dirty with the lives of the broken people around me so that when I look in my Saviors face, I won't even need to say a word, He will just know from looking at me I was faithful with the life He gave me. And with tear filled eyes we will embrace our Savior who gave everything for us and know every painful day and long night was worth it! We will rest for eternity in His arms without regret because we know we fought the good fight, we've finished the race. We brought Him glory with every ounce of us. And NOTHING He gave us was wasted. Let this be our creed, let us get dirty for Jesus. Love, E
Warrior Wednesday - "I am here to help"
Emily Karc

Warrior Wednesday - "I am here to help"

"I am right here to help. Whenever you are ready to ask, I am right here." Trying to keep my cool, I echoed this sentiment to my son for the third time while folding laundry the other day. "How could he be so stubborn!" I wondered. And this is when the Holy Spirit gently whispered, "This is you too. You are often stubborn too. Unwilling to surrender and frantic in your mess. And all the while I sit here, waiting to help you. If you would but ask me." Man, over and over without fail I learn so many solid life lessons through motherhood. I can recall so many times as I counsel or reprimand my children, God speaks so loud and clear to my heart that I am much the same as them. It's humbling to say the least. And yet I am equally grateful for the challenge to my spirit that struggles with the same flesh my kids do. I mean, if we are honest, we all likely have sat cold and unrelenting in our corner, screaming out to God with a huff and puff. Wondering why He doesn't show up already and fix our mess or, like a magic genie, make a miracle appear. But God's heart isn't for our comfort but our character. Much like I care more about my son's character then I do his ease, God longs to teach me submission and surrender far more than His heart longs to make all things simple. For if life was simple I would never need to take the time to see, He has always been there waiting to help me. Whatever your struggle this week, will you take a deep breath with me? In all your wrestling will you take a moment to look back on the faithfulness of your great God who has never failed you before and believe with faith that He surely won't fail you now? Then, surrender. And then surrender again. Over and over admit your need for His help and let Him do the work on your behalf. Let Him fight for you, just be still. He is waiting. He hasn't left you. Turn from your frantic panic and see Him sitting there. Curl up in His lap, hand Him your pain, and let Him make beauty from your ash. Love, E
Warrior Wednesday - Don't Die at the Door
Emily Karc

Warrior Wednesday - Don't Die at the Door

"Don't die at the door!" Ever heard this? I learned it's meaning from a friend who said the most common place fire fighters find deceased victims is inside the threshold of their homes. But why? The individuals so close & yet never get to see victory that was inches from their finger tips? The reason? They took a big breath, sucked in all the smoke & gave up. This imagery speaks to me in more ways than one & makes me question, where am I metephorically dying at the door? Maybe it's with parenting? I expect 8pm bedtime to mean lights out & I can "clock out". But it never goes that way. I often regretfully lose my cool. I expected victory but upon seeing it I gave up too quickly, took a big breath of negative & bitter & "died at the door" of my night. When runners train, they don't just train for the half mile sprint. They train to cross the finish line & beyond. Because they know if they don't practice to go beyond the goal, they will give up before they reach their mark. Paul talks about our race as believers with much of the same imagery. Championing us a long to persevere & not give up before the end because what awaits us at the end is so beautiful it will be worth every sprained ankle & skinned knee we aquire along the way. So, my friend, what is holding you back? What is tripping you up? What is causing you to die at the door? Is it fear? Doubts? Thinking you aren't good enough? Feelings of inadequacy? Lies from the enemy that say pushing through the pain & hurts won't be worth it? What about that project, that calling, the difficulties in our marriages, or relationships? What I see now is that all the miracles we long to hold are on the other side of all our discouragement & disbelief if we will just fix our eyes on Jesus to carry us through. I challenge you, finish the project. Fight for that relationship. Hold fast to that dream. Don't lose heart. Don't die at the door. Don't get so close to the end & then swallow all the toxic lies from the enemy & never make it over the finish line into the promised land. Instead, run the race with endurance, not just to the finish line but far beyond into victory, into your Saviors arms. Love, E Get a copy of my book here:
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Dear Mama

One Mama's Journey of Learning to Live Beloved

Dear Mama, is a 45-day 5-minute devotional for the weary Mamas heart. I pray it provides hope and encouragement from my heart to yours and reminds you, you are never as alone as you think you are.


Emily’s words have changed my life. Rarely do you find someone who knows how to write in such a way that draws you closer to Christ, hungry for more of Him. Emily has that gift. She explores God’s love in such a relatable way that I’ve started to truly believe and acknowledge the depth of His love for me. Her humility is authentic, her love for Jesus contagious. Emily’s words will change not only your perspective, but your life - as they have mine.

Age 31

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