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“Jireh – you are enough." These lyrics have been pulsating through my subconscious for a few weeks now. As I rise in the morning, I find them on my mind. As I go from task to task throughout the day, once again I find myself humming the words… “you are enough." With the constant repetition I am called to determine what it all means.

Ear buds in I turn the volume up and listen to the sounds, mediating on each one. Taking in each lyric and letting it work in my spirit the job the author intended. “In every circumstance, I will be content. Jireh, you are enough.” Content. Jireh. Enough.

I turn to my bible to find the story behind the name. I read how God’s name Jireh was bestowed on Him by Abraham way back in Genesis 22. Abraham had taken his son up to be sacrificed in an act of obedience to the command God had given him. But this was not only an act of obedience. It was equally an act of faith. Abraham knew God had made a covenant with him to bring a great nation from his seed. This was a covenant Abraham knew God intended to keep. So, if not through his son Isaac (that he was about to sacrifice) then he was confident God would find another way. And as you all know; God provided a ram at the last second. And it was at this provision from the hand of the Father, Abraham named the mountain, Yahweh-Yireh, the LORD will provide.

With the story fresh on my mind, I close my eyes and continue to let the song wash over my weary heart. As I listen, I am prompted to declare the words in faith. What begins as a whisper starts to build as I sing, over my finances that seem to be dwindling faster that I can replenish them “Jireh, you are enough. You own the cattle on a thousand hills, you care about my needs. You care for the sparrow; how much more do you care for me?” Over my marriage that is so much harder than the romance novels ever made it seem like it would be, “Jireh, you are enough. You brought us together, therefore no one can separate us. No matter how hard or broken things may seem, you are still God of the impossible. I have seen you do it before, I believe you will do it again.” Over my children’s lives that often feel so out of my hands to control or help, “Jireh, you are enough. You gifted me these boys, and you never make mistakes. You will give me all I need to do this life and mother through the most painful and difficult seasons I may face. And when I can’t keep going, you will carry me.” Over Owen’s speech and behavior that I fear will hinder him his whole life, “Jireh, you are enough. For you created Owen and you have good plans for his life. You made his tongue; you can untie it. You knit him together in my womb, I still believe he is fearfully and wonderfully made." Over my health that feels like an insurmountable hill to ascend, the pain and fatigue crippling, "Jireh, you are enough. You are still healer, miracle worker, and promise keeper. You still reach out your hand of mercy to us in our lack and our humanness. I know you see me, and you hear my prayers and I know you will heal me either now or in eternity." Over the panic that seems to be all around me, so many unknowns in the world that make my knees tremble, “Jireh, you are enough. You make great nations, and you cause nations to fall. Even if the worst happens and I am separated from those I love, you will still be on the throne, and you would still use it all for my good and your glory. And even if there is no food, no water and the whole world falls apart, you will be provision even there. You cannot fail me!”

And it’s with these declarations my heart begins to swell with joy and peace knowing that even as the tears of a weary mama flow down my cheeks, my spirit can be content because God is enough for me. His love is enough for me. And if it is only His love I have, as the song declares, that can be enough for me to rest in and find comfort in.

The reality is we need nothing more than the abundant love and grace that our Heavenly Father gave to us when He sent His son to die on the cross for our sins. A punishment Jesus did not deserve. This free gift is more than enough to cover all that we may face here in our short period on earth. And as I contemplate this truth, so many of the cares of my heart begin to fade. The bigger and better life we are told we need. The thoughts of being perfect and having the approval of man. To greater worries like unexpected catastrophes on my land or the land of others. Because my heart knows that I am here on this planet for none of these things. Yes, while I am here, I will have responsibilities to care for my family and be faithful to the tasks God brings my way, but in eternity the details will not matter.

It won’t matter how many times my son had a tantrum and embarrassed me. It won’t matter if we never get to see the ocean again, or if my husband and I never make it on that cruise. It won’t matter if I never become a NY times best seller. It won’t even matter if we experience difficult things here that make my heart ache, or my worst fears for the future come true as the world around me literally crumbles. What will matter is how I allow Jireh’s presence to be seen in my life even in the most impossible and terrifying circumstance, in how I respond to these situations that are so often completely out of my control and so against what I would choose for my life and the ones I love. If the outcry of my life is that God’s love is enough for me (whether I am in want or not, whether my kids turn out the way I want, or my marriage fulfills me the way I desire) that is what will matter when I reach heaven someday because it will have had the most impact in others for the kingdom of God.

In this season of so much uncertainty in my life, these lyrics packed with so much truth have become the prayer of my heart. A prayer that no matter what I may face, I would be content through it all believing that my God will provide all I need. That He is enough, His love is enough. And because His love is so vast that He would even provide a ram for Abraham, a broken and sinful man, then I can be sure He will equally provide for me in every one of my needs and I can be confident He will always keep His promises. And on the mountain where He does, may each of you find me declaring, Yahweh- Yireh, the LORD will provide.

And as I wait, may I be found singing in faith, “in every circumstance, I will be content... The LORD has been good to me, bless the name of the LORD, because “Jireh, you are enough!"

*Jireh – Elevation worship and Maverick City

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